Sara in the City

Ennea- what?

The Enneagram has been deemed as a “personality test”, and has really received a lot of attention lately. I see it in podcasts and Instagram posts to everywhere in between. We all like personality tests, but this one is DIFFERENT (I SWEAR). For me, it started with a test and then over time, a massive […]

Galentine’s Day 2019

Galentine’s Day is one of my very favorite holidays, and this year we threw a gorgeous tea/ wine party with Young American Wine (local to Georgia!). They have the most fun bottles— red, white and rose of course! It’s the perfect millennial wine; great for any get together! We all dressed up grabbed wine, confetti, […]

Greetabl- the go to birthday gift!

Hi friends, Gift giving used to be hard, but not anymore! Greetabl is the go to gift for birthdays, and makes it so easy to send a lovely, thoughtful gift!! It’s so fun and personal! First you choose your pattern; one that really speaks to you. Then add photos from your camera roll or even […]

Cheers for Five Years

It’s official. We’ve made it past the newlywed years, and each one was so special. I wanted to share my favorite photos from our session with Heidi from Our Labor of Love. She actually took our engagement shots too; love her! Last week we celebrated 5 years, but I celebrate you every single day, Blake. […]

Brussels (not sprouts)

Bonjour! I thought it would be best to separate the two cities from our trip to Paris/ Brussels earlier this month. When trying to sell the Paris trip to Blake, I kept saying think of Belgium… the land of beer, fries, cheese and chocolate! It worked, and one quick Thalys train ride from Paris Nord, […]

Q & A

Hello! A few weeks ago, I wanted to do a q&a post so here it is! I’d be happy to do a part 2 if questions continue to roll in. I really enjoy traveling and eating, so these questions were right up my alley! You can dm me or email me too at Let’s […]

Friday Faves 2.2.18

I thought it would be nice to reflect on happy things each week, and share with you what I loved this about the previous seven days. Allons-y!!! So we discovered Black Mirror this week, and man is it wild. We watched an episode on dating that was mind blowing. I’m definitely intrigued! T-minus 5 days […]

Havana nah nah naaa

Cuba, is a forbidden land full of beauty and hidden treasures! My husband, Blake has always had Cuba on his bucket list. This paradise of an island was the perfect country to explore on holiday with two of our fellow traveling friends Jess and Dustin. The day after Christmas our bags were packed, and we […]

La la Loly

I love love love my Lolys! These sweet flats make for the perfect transition shoes from warmer weather into (finally) fall temperatures. These sweet little pink bears make me so happy!!! Rose gold is always a yes, and even better when topped with a little pretzel. If you’re looking for shoes that add a touch […]

Midtown Musings

Hi friends! A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of having photos taken by my friend and photog, Christian Restrepo. We ran around Midtown and the Atlanta Beltline trying to beat the sundown, and the results… well see for yourself! Christian travels around the country taking moody, soulful pictures from New Orleans and Banff […]