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I have this thing for walls…

No really I do. I’m from small, SMALL town Alabama. I moved to the city after finishing college, and always wanted my city to be Atlanta. Atlanta has always had a gravitational pull on me.

Once I began to explore the city, I noticed a multitude of fantastic local art. I’ve always been a sucker for a museum: art, history or the like. These giant, colorful murals are on display for all to see all around the city. I began to seek them out, and really appreciate their addition to the urban, city landscape.

According to Living Walls, they are an organization that: seeks to promote, educate and change perspectives about public space in our communities via street art

Check out their page, and the amazing talent of their artists!!! http://livingwallsatl.com/

This is one of my favorites by Hense ( http://hensethename.com/ )







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