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Coffee, it’s the life fuel for my 8-4 Monday- Friday life. Atlanta has some pretty top notch coffee shops with excellent offerings. Here are a few of my favorites.

Octane– With two locations in the city, Octane Grant Park and Octane Westside. The Grant Park location has amazing windows, and an added bonus, Little Tart Bakeshop. The location in the westside is in a great little part of Midtown. Both offer alcohol, and have good vibes.

Revelator– Located in the Westside, Revelator has a minimal aesthetic, and quality coffees. The menu, while not expansive, is really well crafted.

Dancing Goats– This coffee shop, located in the new Ponce City Market has a nice outdoor space, convenient shopping and a laid back vibe. There are a few sprinkled around the city as well.

Condesa Coffee– This place makes an excellent brew, and craft cocktails also!

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea OKay, this place is mostly tea, but is my favorite. Dr. Bombay’s is a quirky, cozy masterpiece of a tearoom/coffee shop. Here, you will be surrounded by books and warm feelings. Tea sandwiches, quiche and scones are available too.

Cheers to a good cup of joe!!!

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