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Bartaco Inman Park



This past Sunday, Blake and I went to Inman Park for lunch at Bartaco.  Bartaco is one of our favorite spots because of their big, sunny patio, amazing margaritas and super friendly staff.

Lucky for us, they happened to be doing a Sunday “whole pig taco”.  They slow roasted an entire pig, and served along with radishes, pineapple and warm tortillas.  I’m a huge fan of eating barbeque, and Blake is a bbq pit master (and photographer, thanks for the help on these!!) in his own right, so we enjoyed talking about bbq methods, and our favorite southern chefs with the Bartaco crew.

Bartaco’s cocktails are next-level because they don’t use pre-made sours/mixes.  Fresh fruit is the name of the game for them!

Also, they have an ever-changing menu that includes a monthly secret taco.  I’m not going to give away the secret, but it IS pictured here and is very colorful (and maybe fried)!

Stop by in Midtown, or Inman Park and make today Taco Tuesday!



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