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Packed Party


imageTreat Yourself!

You hear this fun phrase thrown around all the time, but seriously you should do just that! Packed Party has a variety of fun, packed goodies to brighten your (or a friend/loved one’s) day! Everyone loves getting mail, and you are no exception. I got my “Yay You” package last week, and it seriously made my day.

Inside “Yay You” is a set of super cute shot glasses, candy that I couldn’t stop eating, YAY candles, a happy note and my favorite, soap. It is just the kind of pick me up I need after a long week of work and a 3 hour a day commute.


There are several signature packages to choose from, and there is a happy little package for everyone, any event. Occasions include: “Bridesmaid”, “Pity Party/Pick Me Up”, “Feel Bedda Soon”, etc. These encouragement boxes are super fun and go a long way!


imageTake my advice and check out this sweet, happy little shop.

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