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Shhhhh… it’s a Secret



Confession: I’ve been a lazy blogger, I admit.  With my job revolving around social media, my entire world has felt like it’s been composed of Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Instagram and Snapchat.  Let’s not forget the NEW Instagram video… ahem Snapchat copy.

So here it is.  First post from a short hiatus.  Hold me accountable, folks!

Bartaco has a new secret taco!  Who doesn’t love a good taco?  Bartaco goes above and beyond to create the most amazing atmosphere, fresh squeezed (no mixers here) cocktails and food that will keep you coming back for more.  In Atlanta there are three locations: Inman Park, Midtown and Buckhead.

We adventured over to the Inman Park location with friends Eat Your Heart Out Atl, and had such a fun Friday night.  Our host was a hoot, and we had the best time snapping pictures.  When people stare at you standing on a chair getting the perfect flat-lay… you’ll never see them again.  Own it!

Here are some lovely images at a place that can do no wrong!  Follow Bartaco on Instagram (@bartacolife), snap and Facebook.






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