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Cochon555’s Heritage BBQ- October 30th, 2016



I know, I know… I need to blog more. I’m in crunch time during these months and admittedly, it’s hard. BUT, I do have to let you know about an event that’s taking place this Sunday, October 30, Cochon 555’s Heritage BBQ event at The Stave Room | 199 Armour Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324!


5 incredible superstar teams are going to be competing for the title of BBQ King of Atlanta, and presenting the judges with a sampler plate. Pretty impressive eh? If you’re like me you live for food competitions- from Iron Chef to Top Chef to Chopped, I am obsessed with them all. We even have our own mini competitions at home, ha!


I can’t wait to see some Atlanta greats compete it out for the championship and featuring something important to me- heritage breeds, quality food and technique.



Come join me! I’ll be posting my own recap of the day’s events! Let’s talk BBQ!  Get your all-inclusive ticket today!

Photos: from Cochon555



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