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HZ8A1931It’s official,

I’m Sara in the city, IN THE CITY. It’s been sayonara suburbs, and life couldn’t be better. After years of talking about it (and one day that took over 2 hours to get to work) we did it. We sold our house in less than 24 hours and went from 1900 square feet to 840, but we couldn’t be enjoying it any more than we do. We now live on the corner of Inman Park and Little 5 Points. It’s eclectic, you can walk to everything and there’s enough charm to knock your socks off.

Our sweet little loft is a 1920s high school that’s been converted into lofts. Our space has dreamy factory window, original floors and a huge chalkboard from its days as a school. I have this strange feeling that it was an English class, good vibes you know.

We wanted to capture our new space and lifestyle, and there was nobody more perfect for the job than Brandi Sisson. We’ve had our fair share of photos taken, and this was by far the easiest. She’s sweet, personable and is genuine; someone I want to hang out stat! After work, after the rush and the no time for make up touch ups she took these photos of us in our element. I highly recommend her for anything from lifestyle to weddings and anything in between; you can view her work here.

I love these portraits, and they make my heart happy. HZ8A1865 HZ8A1905

HZ8A1811 HZ8A1842

HZ8A1854 HZ8A1863




HZ8A2065 HZ8A2043

HZ8A2171 HZ8A2157 HZ8A2201

HZ8A2231 HZ8A2210 HZ8A2236

HZ8A2290 HZ8A2268

Thank you x 845457457493875 Brandi!


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