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Greetabl- the go to birthday gift!

Hi friends,

Gift giving used to be hard, but not anymore!

Greetabl is the go to gift for birthdays, and makes it so easy to send a lovely, thoughtful gift!! It’s so fun and personal! First you choose your pattern; one that really speaks to you. Then add photos from your camera roll or even Instagram. Next select your gift, and even add an extra pop like confetti (I couldn’t say no)! Write a heartfelt message and viola! Fill out the shipping info, and you have just the thing to let a friend, sister, mom or coworker know that you are thinking of them on their special day!

I knew I had to create a bright, cheery Greetabl for my bestie, Katrina’s birthday. She’s always the one to throw the party and celebrate others. I knew just what to choose; the girl loves a good bath.

If your bestie’s birthday is coming up, or you want to send them a thinking of you gift to brighten their day, you can head here to sign up for Greetabl Insider and get $20 credit for a totally free Greetabl! Another perk? You’ll also get free shipping on every order for a whole year.

Want to check out Greetabl, and get started on your own perfect package? See more here!

Happy gifting!


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