Sara in the City

Uncorked- at Barcelona Ironworks

Veni, vidi, VINO! I came, I saw, I wine… Last week, we attended and hosted an Instagram story takeover at Barcelona Wine Bar on the westside. This event was the perfect way to wine Wednesday, meet new people and most of all- sample amazing wines! Barcelona has an incredible selection of wines, and this time […]

Loft Living

It’s official, I’m Sara in the city, IN THE CITY. It’s been sayonara suburbs, and life couldn’t be better. After years of talking about it (and one day that took over 2 hours to get to work) we did it. We sold our house in less than 24 hours and went from 1900 square feet […]

Cha Cha Charleston

Other than the sweet city of Atlanta, there’s a tie for my top two favorite southern cities. New Orleans, Louisiana and Charleston, South Carolina. These two have some serious similarities, but each have their own unique charm. This past weekend, my lady pals and I trekked over to the low country for a long weekend full […]

Italia Part I

Italia… The place I’ve wanted to visit since I can remember. Why you ask? For me it’s always been iconic; I went through a Turner Classic movies phase in high school. The movie that made a lasting impression was A Roman Holiday. Oh that Audrey Hepburn. Oh the history… and the FOOD. We decided on […]

Microblading- Expressions Eyebrow Studio

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are, well curtains. The eyebrow obsession is real, and we pluck, thread and fill in on the regular for that “natural” look. One day I put it into the atmosphere that I wanted to get microblading done, and lo and behold I was able to […]

Brunch at 9 Mile Station

Brunch… the quintessential Atlanta meal. There’s a new brunch spot in town, and one with a view! Sitting high above the city, 9 Mile Station is an ideal spot for all the brunch favorites and a refreshing libation or two! This past weekend Blake and I took part in an amazing family style brunch complete […]

Hotel Indigo-Downtown

You know what everyone needs to experience once? A staycation! Why? It’s a stress free way to act like a tourist in your own town. Last month, Blake and I stayed at the Hotel Indigo right in the heart of Atlanta. All around us were tourists’ cameras clicking away while getting a feel for the city. […]


Hello, hello! Blake and I are going to Italy in May, and I’ve been rapidly snapping up cute, little dresses left and right! This one from (the unforunately ill-fated), American Apparel is so versatile and easy, I couldn’t say no. Anyone who’s been to Naples, Positano and the Amalfi Coast, please please send me your […]

Dixie Vodka Valentine

Three days… you have three days to whip up a tasty treat for that special someone. Brownies, cookies and cakes are great, but what does he/she really want? Why, cocktails of course! I’m teaming up with South Carolina’s platinum medal winning Dixie Vodka to bring you four yummy recipes that are sure to please! Now, […]

Happy Hour, the Happiest Hour

Hi everybody, I thought that today I would share my favorite after work watering-hole locations, happy hours and the like. 40 hours (+) a week can be rough, but there’s nothing like a good, quick after-hours hang to lift your spirits (ha!)! Here are a few places I frequent to meet up with friends! 1. […]